COVID-19 Risk Assessment – ROAD TRAINING.

From 5th November until 5 December all training activity will cease.

It is intended to restart then following the rules below:-

1. Only one rider to be trained at a time, with the 2 metre distancing to be maintained.

2. To reduce any transmission risk, the ERS syllabus/log book and safety briefing document/disclaimer will be emailed to the trainee, to be scanned, read, signed and returned electronically, with scans (or mobile phone photos) of insurance, licence and MOT for vehicle if needed. Any questions can be dealt with by phone or email, or verbally on the day at a minimum 2 metre distance.

3. Trainees to use a supplied marked hi-viz vest, radio and earpiece, which will be supplied cleaned and bagged, to be dropped back in bag after use.

4. On-Road instructions and verbal feedback will be by radio or hand signals, with confirmation of further training if required, to be supplied later by email as before. Feedback when dismounted will be at a minimum 2 metre distance.

5. We cannot run the SharpRider training workshops, so it is suggested that ERS trainees familiarise themselves with ‘Riding – The Essential Skills’ from the DVSA prior to the riding assessment. RoSPA trainees should be very familiar with Police Motorcycle Roadcraft. Any prior questions can be addressed by email or phone. Video conferencing is being organised via Zoom.

6. Additional web-based training information is being considered – contact us for details.

7. Do not attend if you feel unwell, last minute cancellations are fine at no cost.